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25 x 25 - Defender

Inner Court Color
Royal Blue
Forest Green
Medium Grey
Keys Color
Royal Blue
Forest Green
Medium Grey


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Easy installation, well within the abilities of any do-it-yourselfer with very basic skills and equipment. 


What kind of surface do I need?

You may already have a concrete surface you can use. If not, our concrete spec sheet will tell you what you need. Concrete is preferred, but asphalt or another base are options.

What are FlexCourt sports surfaces made of?

FlexCourt outdoor courts are made from highest-grade virgin polypropylene, which is all 100% recyclable, our patented, FlexSnap™ design offers the best shock absorption and FleXion™ rating in the industry and the best TraXion™ tested surface.


The serious Outdoor court for the serious player.

Performance Traction Design
High Grip Ratio
Maximum FleXion Rating
Surface Expansion Technology

ProStep: superior performance traction and maximum FleXion™ rating – designed for high grip and superior shock-absorption. This helps both recreational players and serious athletes train harder and longer while reducing the risk of injury due to slippery surfaces. Also reduces the repetitive impact on ankles, knees, and backs.

ProStep is designed for every sport including, but not limited to, Basketball, Badminton, Multi-Sport, Paddle Tennis, Pickleball, Roller Hockey, and Tennis.


Color Options

The beautiful court colors, shock absorption, and outstanding surface playability are simply exceeding our expectations.

FlexCourt has truly delivered a dream to our family.

Barnhart Family



Fast to install, snap in place design features flexibility and traction while securely interlocking.

Patented FlexLock™ design offers a virtually seamless surface with the best vertical and lateral forgiveness and FleXion™ rating in the industry and the best TraXion™ tested surface. Incorporates a surface expansion technology for the best performance in every climate condition/weather.

The court arrived yesterday and the boys and I installed the court today. Instructions and install were clear and easy. We are very happy with the look and feel of the court.
Mark Passaglia